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Pro analysis


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Institutional level price based FX dataresearch & forecasts all in one subscription 

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what is the pro analysis service?


Daily high probability trade ideas

Continuous tracking of over 20+ Forex pairs, Commodities and Indices to find the highest probability trade ideas on a daily basis. Every trade idea is sent with an explanation of Setup and a screenshot of the Technical Analysis.


Daily Fundamental report

Daily Outlook of Economic Fundamentals including significant past events that impact the FX market, future insights that could bring volatility or uncertainty to the market and explanation of how these fundamentals could weigh on specific currencies.


simplified news report

Whenever an important event takes place (FOMC meetings, Breaking News, Conflicts etc.), receive a detailed but simplified summary of the event taking place with key points easy to understand and to act upon.



Every customer and trader is highly valued and that's why you get access to a 24/7 customer service available via Telegram. Every setup or personal trade idea is updated daily to follow the evolution of price and also outlook for future decisions.


accessible across all timezones 

The Pro Analysis Service runs across the second half of the European trading session, the Complete US trading session, and the first half of the Asian session. This ensures perfect delivery of the service no matter your location or your timezone.

accessible across all your devices

For optimal and easy access, the Pro Analysis Service takes place on the web-based platform "Telegram". This allows all users to receive notifications from the service directly on the web version but also on the phone app. All you need is a device and Internet connection and you are all set. 

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What are the benefits?


The Pro Analysis Service gives you the opportunity to trade my most profitable setups every week and receive direct technical and fundamental insights into the FX market.

Increasing your profitability, expanding your knowledge, considerably reducing your work time and allowing you to see my thought process is only a part of the benefits of this service. Much better than typical signals, the Pro Analysis Service is set up in a way that provides you with as much value as possible.

Who is it for?


The Pro Analysis Service is targeted to traders who know how to manage their risk, how to follow their trading plan and understand financial terminology. To make it simple, this service is not suited for total beginners and some trading experience would be required to benefit the most from this service. Beginners are recommended to start with the Forex Pro Trader Program.

real examples

All these examples have been taken directly from the Pro Analysis Service in 2020 and not edited.

FX technical trade ideas:

daily fundamentals:



So the main takeaway from yesterday’s FOMC is that interest rates in the US will stay at the lowest bound for longer. It appears as though the Fed is making it clear that it has no intentions to play around with the current rates until at least the end of 2023.
Now looking at volatility, the FOMC turned out to be rather disappointing. The net effect was some buying in the USD and the JPY in line with the turnaround in US equities as the market was left unconvinced of the dovish message.

Other than that, the forward guidance, which was described by Powell as a ‘powerful one’ going forward, didn’t contain any explicit references to further QE.

Now when looking at the press conference from Powell, we were left with more questions than answers. Indeed, Powell did his best to be as vague as possible in order to limit volatility. The only thing we learned probably is that the Fed’s forward guidance will now be more outcome than time-based, which technically, is not telling us much about the future intentions as they now more than ever become heavily linked to ongoing fundamental dynamics.

Let's finish this fundamental report by looking at the GBP which has been strong after some big moves, probably profit-taking also and a repricing as Boris Johnson appears to ease the threat against EU trade negotiations.



Yesterday we have seen US Unemployment Claims numbers come out negative, in fact, the number of claims is back above the million compared to the expected 930k. For some economists, this is a sign that the economy’s rebound could be decelerating. For others, it could be the fact that previous stimulus funds have run out. All the federal stimulus money was May, June, July and it’s run out now.

Looking at today, it is a relatively busy end of the week with many European PMI's due out, so that should encourage some action across the EUR pairs. The general sentiment is leaning positive with equities higher, VIX lower, and the Dollar index pulling away from the 93 levels. PMI's should provide a catalyst for some movement on the EUR this am.

Note that today we have 1.4Bn USD in option expiries on USDCAD at 1.3250 so we could see some stickiness to that level around 4pm GMT (London Time). To give you an idea, EURUSD also had 1.4Bn in option expiries yesterday at 1.1900 and you can look at the price action from 1 hour before that expiry.



The overall risk sentiment of the FX market was once again significantly more negative than on equities where the SPX500 found dip buyers to end the day barely changed in % terms.

Today be aware, it is quadruple witching day, so be careful as we tend to see more volatility and volumes than usual. This happens on the 3rd Friday of every end of quarter, so in March, June, September, and December.
Investors are basically forced, due to expiration, to close out option contracts that are profitable. It is called quadruple witching because we get the expiration of single-stock options, single-stock futures, stock-index options and stock-futures on the same day.
Looking at the past 30years, the average tends to be a negative SPX500 in the 5 days that follow that day (80% of the time). So with FX sentiment already weak, I would be careful on equities.



The price action in equities and the JPY index this week is starting to suggest a real shift in favour of risk-on sentiment. I recommended yesterday not to rationalize about the current divergence between the economy and the price valuations, well here we go.

This new appetite for risk was supported by the positive surprise in the US ISM PMI data (52.6 from 43.1) + the encouraging news about the development of a COVID vaccine from Pfizer Inc. and partner BioNTech SE where positive trial results were reported and media picked up on it.

NOTE; Be reminded that due to the July 4 public holiday in the US, the Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) will be published today. This event, which is expected to see about a 2-3 million gain and the jobless rate falling to 12.5% should bring some volatility.

market interconnections:




We can see the index losing correlation totally with GBPUSD indicating potential mispricing of the currency pair. Let's study GBPUSD to find this opportunity.


Currencies Extremum:

Here you can see the Euro and the Canadian Dollar both at top and bottom of ranges suggesting a potential logical move that confirms our view for our EURCAD long setup.


GBPUSD x Inverted USD (4hour) 


Price is retesting S&R at 1.2800 and currency pair seems to be 2.7% undervalued compared to its usual proximity to the USD valuation. This means that we could well see a convergence of asset prices and therefore GBPUSD come up towards 1.3200 - 1.3300. Now let's look for buying setups.


Currency Volatility:

Let’s sink back with the market. The currencies offering some volatility so far have been the GBP, USD and CAD while the rest of currencies stay extreme flat. I will favor setups with these currencies and also favor reversal trades to trade the current range rather than looking for those swings we have been looking for since august.

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pro analysis


✅  Daily Trade Ideas for +20 Forex pairs

✅  Explanation and Technicals with every Idea

✅  Daily Updates on Running Setups

✅  Daily Fundamental / Economic Report 

✅  Simplified News Report

✅  Cancel Subscription at Any Time.








Cancel Anytime - Access via Telegram

Cancel Anytime - Access via Telegram

Cancel Anytime - Access via Telegram

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"You've just opened up the world of institutional level fundamentals to a retail trader. Can't thank you enough Elliot."

- Geoffrey

"I've been a trader for 5 years now and have been looking for such a serious service for years! This service has increased my global profitability."

- Kristian

"I feel like my experience has skyrocketed in a matter of months. There is no way I am going back to 'scammy online signal services' haha."

- Andres

Frequently asked questions

Does the service provide signals?

No, this is not a signal service where you receive an entry, a SL and a TP. This is much greater, indeed, by sending all my daily research, analyses and market views you are able to make your own trading decisions based on strong and reliable data. Following this service, you will be able to keep your trading strategy or style the same but simply have more information than other traders and accentuate your edge on the market. You will be able to add your own herbs and spices to my trading ideas and therefore keep your independency as a trader. It is not uncommon for traders part of the Pro Analysis Service to end the month with profits greater than mine as your returns are not capped by mine (as opposed to signals).

Will the service work for me whatever my location?

Yes, I make sure to send all my research and reports at the best times when most trading sessions are running. The Pro Analysis Service generally runs across the second half of the European trading session, the Complete US trading session, and the first half of the Asian session. This ensures perfect delivery of the service no matter your location or your timezone.

I'm a total beginner and want to learn, is this service suited for me?

No, as a complete beginner you won't understand the research being shared and thus, won't be able to profit or learn from it. For someone starting with no basics especially lacking risk management knowledge, I would highly recommend following the Forex Pro Trader Program. In order to benefit the most from this service, some trading experience is recommended. 

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